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We never realized how convenient it would be to have a Dr. come to our house at any time of the night. Dr. Milobsky has been a great find for our family with four children. Dr. Milobsky truly cares about his patients. Whenever we have called he has come right over and is very calm and thorough in his diagnosis. He always follows up the next day to make sure things are getting better and reports his diagnosis to our pediatrician. We just love Dr. Milobsky and think his service is something every family should have. You can’t explain how great this service is until you try it yourself! - Melissa Mackiernan


We have been patients and customers of Dr. Milobsky and Chicken Soup for six months. Whenever we have called for a housecall, he has always answered promptly. He is very professional and always has all the necessary supplies and equipment needed. He calls in prescriptions and always follows up by phone a few days after his visit. We are definitely satisfied customers and patients. - Terry Samuel M.D.


I don’t know about you, but my children never get sick during business hours. It’s always during the nights, weekends, and holidays when something scary happens. A few months ago, our twin babies suddenly became ill over New Year’s weekend – to make matters worse, my husband and I were out of town and their grandparents were watching the boys. Since the grandparents live in another state, they are not as familiar with the Denver area and hospitals. Lucky for us, they found out about Dr. Mike and called him. He came over immediately and treated our babies right on the spot. Dr. Mike saved everyone a trip to Emergency Room, and gave my whole family peace-of-mind that our boys were well taken care of. Dr. Mike was an absolute life saver. Every parent could use peace of mind like this – I highly recommend Chicken Soup to every parent I know. - Marcia Donziger


When it comes to my kids’ health, I want the most qualified doctors to care for their medical needs in a convenient and safe setting. Chicken Soup provides me with all that I want and all that my kids need. It’s a perfect match! - Kathy, mother of four


Chicken Soup is a must for any parent. We first called Dr. Milobsky of Chicken Soup when our one year old had a stomach virus. Dr. Milobsky was easy to reach, extremely comforting to speak with on the telephone, and best of all over at our home before we received a return phone call from the physicians assistant at our primary care doctor. Dr. Milobsky had all of the equipment to properly diagnose our son’s sickness as well as the medicine needed to get us through the night – saving us a trip to the grocery store and the search for an open pharmacy. A separate second visit to our home ultimately saved us a trip to the Emergency Room and the reassurance that, if we did needed to go to the hospital that evening, Dr. Milobsky could have admitted us directly without having to deal with typical hassles of the ER. Dr. Milobsky is the first to call in the morning to check on our son because he truly cares for his patients. We are so lucky to have this service available, it is worth every cent! - Brett and Casey Perry


Dr. Milobsky makes the kind of effort rarely seen. He goes out of his way to travel to our home and makes us feel like we are one of his priorities. Escaping the stresses associated with packing up the children and heading to a hospital, combined with Dr. Milobsky’s upbeat attitude and personality, makes us feel lucky to have been referred to him. - Jamie

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