ChickenSoup: Pediatric In-Home Urgent Care
(303) 957-8676

HOURS: After 5pm
7 days a week


Chicken Soup is a concierge pediatric practice that offers the services of a qualified pediatrician to the Denver area. Our pediatrician Dr. Milobsky comes directly to your home to care for your sick child during after hours. Our unique pediatric in-home urgent care services means you don't have to wait for your pediatric practice to open up the next morning.

Chicken Soup LLC: Basic Service

  • $500—includes visit to your door after 5pm, initial evaluation of your child, and any additional diagnostic testing (pulse oximeter, strep/flu/urine) or onsite treatments such as nebulizer therapy, steroids, zofran
  • $50—per child add-on for other children in the home that you would like evaluated

Chicken Soup LLC: Membership Service

  • $5000 per family/ per year (includes all children in the household)
  • 24 hour direct access for any pediatric health question or concern
  • Pediatric Urgent Care housecalls for illness or injury
  • Option to provided housecalls for routine check-ups and vaccines
  • Any additional diagnostic test/treatment is included at no extra charge
  • Memberships are non-refundable

Chicken Soup - Pediatric In-Home Urgent Care : Serving the Greater Denver, CO Area.   |   (303) 957-8676   |   HOURS: After 5pm, 7 days a week
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