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A Lloyd Dobler Moment

A Lloyd Dobler Moment

A breif disclaimer. If you were born after 1980, this post is not for you.  You will not understand what I am talking about  if you did not grow up in the era of Duran Duran, the Cosby Show, and John Hughes movies.   That being said, I feel that I can disclose a uniquely 80’s experience to my fellow middle-agers who are still reading on.  I’m driving home from work with my radio, as usual, locked onto KOOL 105.  The only radio station that gets me. At all.   Without any warning, I feel the deep thumping bass and distictive syncopation that is Peter Gabriel’s “In Your Eyes” emerging from my Subaru sound system.  By the end of the first stanza, I am no longer seeing the rush hour traffic of I-25, but rather staring into the earnest face of Lloyd Dobler hoisting his boom-box skyward.  Im not just having a mirthful memory mind you, I am actully there. Feeling his intense desire to woo Diane Cort, willing Peter Gabriel’s lyrics through her bedroom window from the hood of his car.


I began to wonder if my kids will have this experience.  Is such a thing even possible in today’s media-choked world? I know many of my 40-something brethren know exactly what I’m talking about, even if you won’t admit it publicly.  For you, maybe it’s not the iconic scene from “Say Anything”.  Maybe its the climactic dance scene from “Dirty Dancing”, or maybe “Danger Zone” drops you into the cockpit of Maverick’s F-15.  I understand that you don’t want to discuss it.  It’s embarrasing.  But I garuntee that if you search your soul, you will find your 80’s-moment trigger.  Waiting like a land mine.  Ready to explode in your head and blow the last shred of your dignity straight to hell. 


When we were growing up, there was a deeper connection to these pop-cultural experiences.  There was less stuff in the way.  We internalized these scenes and hung our own emotions on them.  That is why they are intense and timeless to us.  Just check the internet. It is filled with these scenes in a million places.  I can find the training montage from Rocky 3 set to “Eye of the Tiger” in at least 4 google pages.   I am sorry that my teenage children will not have this in their life.  There is something to be said for the “instant time machine” to help you recall what your youth was really like inside your own head.  My kids are literally drowning in media all the time.  There is no going home and ruminating on one’s emotions.  Just post it, like it, snap an instagram and move on to the next thing.  Savor these moments my intrepid parents. Im sorry to say that they will die with us.  

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