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My Day at the Children's Museum

My Day at the Children's Museum

This past sunday was Mother’s Day and I asked my beautiful wife and mother of my 7 children, “What do you want for Mother’s Day?”,  she answers ,”A  Starbucks and to be left alone.”  With this in mind I start planning a great, kid-friendly hike to enjoy the lovely spring weather here in Denver.  All of my grand plans were dashed by a freak spring snow storm on Mother’s Day. In order to fulfill my wife’s wishes I was forced into my go-to, foul weather plan-B.  I presented my kids with their options.  Its the same-old tired choices they are always faced with on bad-weather weekend and vacation days when we have to get out.  Its come to the point where I just say it in 1 breath since we all know its coming. Naturemuseumbutterflypavilionaquariumchildrensmuseum, I say,  as I rifle through the kitchen drawers for the stack of Membership Cards that we have kept updated these last 14 years.  In unison they yell “Children’s Museum”.  


Don’t get me wrong.  In principal, its a great place.  Its just exhausting to think about the crush of humanity and , honestly, dealing with everyone else’s kids and dysfunctional parenting.  Here are a few of my choice observations after spending the entire day at the Denver Children’s Museum.


It was shocking to realize how mainstream it is to have a tattoo.  I know this on an intellectual level, but its something else entirely to feel out-of-place, self-conscious even,  due to my lack of body art.  To be clear, I have no position on the matter of tattoos, but I am not overstating the matter when I tell you that I was one of, maybe, eleven adults in the building without one.


Parents, please, have realistic and developmentally appropriate expectations for your kids in public places like this.  It is silly to watch young couples drag an 18month-old through the entire place and keep yelling (literally) at their toddler to SHARE!!.  Here is a news flash-It is normal for a 1 1/2 y/o kid to NOT SHARE. They just don’t do it yet.  They are supposed to be totally self-absorbed little people who grab and hold on to everything they come into contact with.  Accept it. Its OK.  Sharing is basically a 3 yr old skill.  I promise that I won’t judge your child as a sociopath. Yet.


I enjoy seeing other parents employ the same, time-honored, life hacks that I have always used to get through an outing.  I watched an experienced father ask his daughter to put her shoes on 3 times without any response.  Instead of getting angry, he holds up his wrist watch and says, “I’ll time you!”.  Kid had her shoes and coat on in 8 seconds flat.  I gave the Dad a high-five.


Bubbles are the most entertaining and absorbing entity on earth.  My kids spend 2 straight hours in the “Bubble Factory” section of the museum and were totally and completely engrossed.  Im not sure why I bother to buy toys of any kind.  Water, dish soap, and glycerin combined with some pieces of plastic are all they need for an entire day of fun.  


Its nice to spend some quality time with just my 6th and 7th child.  The cosmic lottery that is  birth order makes it difficult to spend focused time with just these two.  Thankfully, they still want to hang out with me and seemed to have a terrific time just goofing off with Dad. 


Last but not least,  happy Mothers day to all the special Mom’s and I hope that all of you were acknowledged for all that you do to support and nurture your families.   




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