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Whats in a name?

Whats in a name?



I just returned from an amazing and inspirational trip to Israel with 100 other jewish men.  All of these guys, like me, are husbands, fathers and professionals.  We toured the many great sites of Israel including Masada and Jerusalem.  One of the more poignant part of the trip was visiting the Israeli holocaust memorial known as Yad Vashem.  In many ways, Yad Vashem is like a traditional museum with an exhaustive collection of historical artifacts and documents meant to educate the public about the Nazi horrors.  It also has a unique Israeli quality which is its use of imagery and symbolism to invoke a purely emotional response. 


A small building on the campus of Yad Vashem is set aside as a memorial to the 1.5million children that were murdered by the Nazis.  The interior is dark except for a single lit candle.  This flame is surrounded by mirrors which reflect the light of this one candle into an infinite number of flames that surround the viewer.  As one walks through the room, an endless recording reads the name and ages of individual children that were killed.


I have seen this memorial before, the last time was 1993.  I was not married and had no children at the time.  I remember being vaguely interested but it literally had no impact on me.  This past week I returned to Yad Vashem as a husband of 20 years and father of 7 children.  I found myself moved beyond expression at the loss of so many young lives.  I sat in the darkness, stared at the galaxy of candle flames, and listed to the roll call of children’s names.  30 minutes I listened, not really knowing what I was waiting for.  Counting off to myself each name that was read.  After 55 names I heard something familiar.  Bayla Rubin, age 6 yrs, Poland.  I have a Bayla.  My Bayla is also 6 yrs old.  Brown eyes, killer smile, full of life.  My 6th child.  Bayla who demands I fly her like super-girl upstairs every night to brush her teeth.  Bayla who loves to take her baby sister out hunting for lady bugs.  I couldn’t imagine life without Bayla.


I heard from a great teacher that when you bring a jewish child into the world, its possible that you bring back a soul that was taken from the world by the holocaust.  Maybe we brought Bayla back.  Its right there in her name.  

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