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retraction-png-300x277.pngMany parents often ask me  how they can tell if their baby with bronchiolitis is getting worse at home.  Most people don’t have the benefit of having an oxygen monitor at home,  so parents need easy ways to tell if their child is getting worse and may need more immediate medical attention.  The most sensitive indicator or your child’s respiratory status that a parent can asses at home is “work of breathing”. Meaning, how much extra work is my child doing in order to breathe normally.  By watching your child breathe with their chest exposed, a parent can get a decent idea if their child is breathing comfortably or if he/she is having more difficulty.  The key is being able to recognize retractions, which is the visible pulling of the chest wall under/between the ribs and above the collar bone.  Referring to the picture with this post can give you a good idea of what to watch for.

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