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The Healing Power of Sleep

The Healing Power of Sleep

As I progress on my path as a parent of 7 wonderful children, I continue to be amazed how something that I have come to value deeply (sleep) seems completely unimportant to my younger children. My teenage children seem to be able to shut themselves off at will and will prefer to sleep above almost ANY activity. My younger children, however, will fight tooth and nail, like trapped raccoons, to avoid going to bed. "Please", I beg them,"just go to bed....". It seems that it takes nothing short of 1 1/2 hours of undivided attention including an assortment of books and rehashing amusing anecdotes from my own childhood to get them in a sleep mindset. I find myself thinking of the spoofy children's book written by Adam Mansbach, "Go the F*** to Sleep". Many fathers won't admit it, but that guy nails what is often going through my head at these times. (I posted the link to the book being read by Samuel L Jackson but please dont listen to it if the language will offend you)

It is only recently that medical science has started to understand what my parents and grandparents already knew. Sleep, and by that I mean regular and scheduled sleep times, has a vital role in the mental and physical well being of our kids. A large study in the last year pointed out that kids with regular and predictable bed times had better cognitive development. Another points out that lack of regular sleep in kids is a contributing factor to developing obesity.

Maybe Adam Mansbach and Samuel L Jackson state the message in a crass way, but now I know why my parental instincts are so tuned to getting my little treasures in bed and out of my hair by 8pm. Its for their own good.

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