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In Praise of 8-yr Olds

In Praise of 8-yr Olds

In Praise of 8-yr-olds



I feel compelled to write this post in praise of my favorite age group,  the 8-yr-old.  My daughter Elisheva is 8 and she is our 5th child out of 7 wonderful children.  I have also been a practicing Pediatrician for 14 years, so I feel like I have a good handle on most of the normal intricacies of the ages and stages of childhood.  I love 8-yr-olds.  If you push me on the subject, I would include 7-yr-olds in this group as well.  Why are 8-yr-olds so unabashedly awesome?  In a word, simplicity.  They are simple beings.  I don’t mean “simple” in the pejorative sense, but rather to mean “uncomplicated”.   Allow me to explain.


8-yr olds are generally not overly concerned about the opinions of others.  They tend to like what they like and don’t often need to seek approval from their peers.  As long as the parents think they are awesome, thats all they need.  If a friends wants to come along for the ride, great. If not, still great.  No wrestling over how anything they do looks to other people.  It seems to come naturally and organically.  


8yr-olds seem to have a natural sense of empathy and compassion.  All of my kids at this age would always rush to help a friend or an injured bug with equal abandon.  Everybody and everything is worthy of their time.  We recently spent 2 hrs walking around the neighborhood because my daughter saw a faded sign posted on a streetlight about someone’s lost cat.  Dated 2011.  


8-yr olds have unshakable loyalty when it comes to their friends.  There is literally nothing that they wouldn't do for, a give to, a friend and expect nothing in return.  When I point this out to my daughter, she grimaces at me like I just told her that water is wet, or something equally self-evident.  Thanks for the insight Captain Obvious.  


8yr-olds are still young enough to revel in our affection and attention, yet old enough to be self-sufficient and capable.  None of the distant teenage B.S.,she still adores holding my hand in public and cuddling on the couch. Yet, she can get up and get herself and her 4yr-sister breakfast on Sunday morning without having to wake me up.  Perfection.


We can all learn great lessons in character from observing our 8-yr olds in action.  They effortlessly personify so many admirable qualities. seemingly without even trying.  When I grow up, I want to be 8.

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