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"I Call it Teaching"

"I Call it Teaching"

After you watch the video, you will be impressed with Ethan's point.  Even though he is Jewish, the idea that he is expressing transcends any particular faith but will resonate with anyone who is involved in the daily struggle to raise children.  No matter where one might fall on the idea of religion, the one thing that unites us as parents is the idea we want our children to be good people.  Every mother and/or father wants to instill virtues in their children that will grow and bear fruit as the child grows into adulthood.  Ethan is reminding us that all parents who want to plant these concepts and watch them grow, engage in brainwashing.  All of us brainwash our kids.  We want them to absorb our values and express them through their attitudes and actions, especially when it comes to major issues like empathy, gratitude, perseverence, generosity, humility etc.  We brainwash them by striving to be a good example ouselves and live by these values so our kids can have a concrete model.

Ethan sums it up very well. "What you call brainwashing, I call teaching".
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